PHOTOS: Grey-Haired Randy Couple Filmed Performing S3x Act On A Pool In Benidorm, Spain.


Shock As Couple Are Filmed Performing Sex Act In A Pool – A randy couple were recorded obviously carrying out a sex act in front of shocked holidaymakers. The footage, purportedly taken in Benidorm, Spain, shows the grey-haired lady brazenly pleasuring her partner as they unwind on sun loungers.

Other holidaymakers are just a couple of feet away in the clip circulating on social networks.

Both wearing bathing suites and relatively totally at their ease, the outrageous behaviour continues for 46 seconds before the shooting stops.

The video was published to Twitter under the description: “Meanwhile in Benidorm.”

In the video, the old man appears to realise midway through he is being tape-recorded, and it searches for a minute like he is ready to stop the improper display.

Rather, he chooses to go it alone, with one hand inside his green swimsuit.
It’s shortly before he ropes his partner back in nevertheless, and exposes himself again.

One wrote: “Appears like it aint the first time they’ve done this look how calm he is.”

Another said: “Thanks … can I send you my treatment bill for that horrific scene? I’ll never get that out of my head!”

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