What you shouldn’t do During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The coronavirus pandemic has so many of us worried and on the edge, no idea how to continue to live our lives now that it’s been warped by this horror-film reality.

This worry and confusion has so many acting in ways that they do not know are detrimental to the efforts being made to win the battle against the virus. They carry out these actions out with the best of intentions, believing they’re helping in their own ways. But they’re not. So it is important we clarify what exactly is helpful in these times, and what isn’t.

Please, DO NOT forward those broadcasts you receive on WhatsApp. They are not helpful in any way. Yes, you are concerned. But those broadcasts only spread panic, not relief. And, even worse, an overwhelming number of them are fake news. And the ones that aren’t are exaggerated. Please. When someone sends you a broadcast, tell them to stop forwarding them. Educate them on why it’s a bad idea.

Please, DO NOT call the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to check if their hotlines are working. Do not, do not, do not do that. Their agents are presently overwhelmed, with so many people trying to reach them. When you call to only test, what you’re actually doing is taking the space of someone who needs to reach that line. Have faith that the lines are working. Let people who need to reach them reach them. Please.

Please, DO NOT go out of your home unless you absolutely have to. It’s hard, we know. You’re bored. But please, this is the only way we can defeat this thing. Stay in your homes. Yes, your office has given you a break. This is not the time to see friends. Video call them. Keep a distance. The virus needs you for it to spread. Don’t be its friend.

Please, guys. These things are not difficult for you to achieve. Please. We need everyone’s effort to defeat this thing.

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