Fight for mom organized by Onome Irikefe


My name is Onome and I need your help saving my mom. My mom’s name is Patience and as every child would say of his/her loving mother, my mom is the best mother I could ever hope for. My mom is also the strongest woman I know and right now, she’s fighting the battle of her life. She’s been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer, and has since been fighting this battle. In December 2019 when diagnosis was given in my home country, it was Stage II and we were advised by the doctors to seek treatment abroad for thorough follow-up. While abroad, the situation was monitored closely but results initially inconclusive because doctors thought it was an infection that caused the swelling under her arm. She was placed on some medications while waiting for ultra-sound tests and a biopsy to be performed. A biopsy was conducted amidst the Coronavirus crisis, but delayed and results received in March 2020. Results were conclusive and it had progressed to Stage III. While waiting for a treatment plan, she demonstrated severe symptoms similar to COVID-19, most of all, had severe issues breathing.

She’s been hospitalized since then, while doctors as well as oncologists monitored the situation. With hospital protocols in place, a COVID test was done to rule that out, and it was negative. But, they concluded that the cancer had spread to her lungs which caused her to retain lots of fluid that had to be drained on occasion. The procedure, called thoracentesis, together with high flow oxygen has been used to help support her breathing. With the spread of the cancer to her lungs, kidney and liver, surgery was ruled out, concluding it at Stage IV. Chemotheraphy and Immunotheraphy are the suggested treatment plan recommended by the doctors and oncologist specialist to manage the situation as best as they can. The estimated cost for treatment is 60,000USD. So far, we’ve been able to financially offset some costs as they come, and she’s been administered her first phase of chemo but we need your help completing treatment as best as we can and damaging the cancer cells as much as possible. 

My hope is still firm, and so is my mom’s because part of my strength comes from her. I’ve come to understand life can be so ironic and unfair sometimes, but I don’t wanna give up. My mom will be 56 by June and I’ve always imagined what it would be like taking care of her when she’s old and frail, and incapable of taking care of herself. I never imagined it would be this soon and it’s already so difficult and unimaginable that I can’t physically be with her. Asides the other great moments I hold, the current one I’m living with her right now is through phone calls, and even though it can be hard to comprehend what she says sometimes, I’m happy and grateful hearing her voice. With COVID, things are restricted which is why the process is a bit more complicated. I also understand the situation in the world is unprecedented and everyone has certain things they are dealing with, but please I need your help making seeing my mom again possible. 

Thank you for your help. Any support goes a long way and this will give my mom a chance to continue treatment #FightforMom#

Donations can also be made through the account details below

(1020176188, IRIKEFE SMILE EFE, Zenith Bank).

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